Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meliae 0.2.1

Meliae 0.2.1 is now officially released.

The list of changes isn't great, it is mostly a bugfix release. There are a couple of quality-of-life changes.

For example you used to need to do:
>>> om = loader.load(filename)
>>> om.compute_parents()
>>> om.collapse_instance_dicts()

However, that is now done as part of loader.load(). This also goes along with a small bug fix to scanner.dump_all_objects() that makes sure to avoid dumping the gc.get_objects() list, since that is artifact from scanning, and not actually something you care about in the dump file.

Many thanks to Canonical for bringing me to Prague for the Launchpad Epic, giving me some time to work on stuff that isn't just Bazaar.

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